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Syllabus for M.Sc Applied Psychology, Bharathiar University - 2011

M.Sc Applied Psychology
Bharathiar University

1.1 Psychometry and Research Methodology
1.2 Health Psychology
1.3 Organizational Behavior
1.4 Cognitive Psychology
1.5 Experimental Psychology-I
1.6 Elective Courses
1.7 Supportive Courses

2.1 Advanced Social Psychology
2.2 Personality Research and Applications
2.3 Human Resource Management
2.4 Theories of Motivation and Emotion
2.5 Theories of Counseling
2.6 Experimental Psychology II
2.7 Elective Courses
2.8 Supportive Courses

3.1 Psychopathology and Mental Hygiene
3.2 Psycho Diagnostics
3.3 Psychotherapeutics
3.4 OD Interventions
3.5 Experimental Psychology III
3.6 Elective Courses
3.7 Supportive Courses

4.1 Project Work/ Institutional Practicum
TOTAL 2250 90

Elective Courses:

1. Group Dynamics for Social Living
2. Integral Personality Development
3. Consumer Psychology
4. Educational Psychology
5. Applied Statistics and Psychological Test Construction
6. Sports Psychology

Supportive Courses:

1. Probabilstic Orientation and Modern Life
2. Transactional Analysis
3. Introduction to Psychology

------------------------------ M.Sc Applied Psychology


Unit I: Psychometry

Psychological Measurement: Orientation to Mental Measurement. Theory of
measurement. Levels of Measurement – Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio Scales.
Psychophysical Theory: Definition of Psychophysics. Classical Psychophysics Vs Modern
Psychophysics. Psychophysical Laws – Weber’s Law, Fechner’s Law Psychophysical
Methods: Method of Average Error. Method of Minimal Changes. Constant Method.
Method of Pair Comparisons.

Unit II: Research Methodology

The Scientific Method – Science of Psychology- Science in Context (Historical context,
Social and Cultural Context, Moral context) - Science and Common Sense. Goals of
Science. Scientific Theory Construction and testing.
Problems, Hypotheses, Constructs, Variables and Definitions: Criteria for Problems and
Problem Statements. Hypotheses. Importance of Problems and Hypothesis. Concepts Vs
Constructs. Variables – Definition, Types. Operational Definitions.
Ethical Issues in Conduct of Psychological Research: Ethical Issues before beginning
research – Risk/Benefit Ratio – Deception – Debriefing – Informed Consent – Privacy and
Freedom of coercion - Research with animals – Reporting of Psychological Research.

Unit III: Descriptive Methods

Observational Research: Types of Observational Research - Observation without
Intervention, Observation with Intervention. Recording behavior. Problems in conduct of
Observational Research. Analysis of Observational Data. Sampling Technique: Time and
Event Sampling, Observer Bias.
Survey Research: Characteristics of Surveys - Uses of Surveys – Sampling in Survey
Research - Survey Methods (Mail Surveys, Personal Interviews, Telephonic Interviews,
Internet Surveys), Survey Research Designs (Cross-Sectional Design, Successive
Independent Group Design, Longitudinal Design) – Questionnaires (Questionnaires as
instruments, Reliability and Validity of Self-Report Measures, Constructing a

Unit IV: Experimental Methods

Introduction to Experiments: Characteristics of Experiments. Purpose of Experiments.
Experimental Control. Factors Affecting Validity.
Independent Groups Designs: Random Groups Design. Alternative Independent Groups
Design – Matched Groups Design & Natural Groups Design. Analysis of Experiments –
Null-Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA.
Complex Designs: Nature of Main Effects and Interactions. Analysis of Complex Designs
– Analysis with an Interaction, Analysis with No Interaction. Interpreting Interactions.

Unit V: Applied Research

Single-Case Research Designs: Characteristics of the Case Study Method. Advantages
of Case Study Method. Disadvantages of Case Study Method. Experimental Analysis
of behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis – Single-Case (N=1) Experimental Designs.
Specific Experimental Designs – ABAB Design & Multiple-Baseline Design.
Problems and Limitations of Single-Case Designs. Ethical Issues.
True-Experiments: True Experiments Vs Quasi-Experiments. Characteristics of True
Experiments, Obstacles in conducting True Experiments, Issues relating to Internal
Validity in True Experiments.

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1. Shaughnessy, J.J., Zechmeister, E.B. & Zechmeister, J.S. (2006). Research
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2. McBurney, D.H. (2001). Research Methods. (5th
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6. Guilford, J.B. (1954). Psychometric Methods. NY: McGraw-Hill.

7. Goode & Hatt. (1952). Methods in Social Research. New Delhi: McGraw Hill.


Unit 1: The Nature of Health Psychology

Health - Homeostasis – Dimensions of Health and wellness: Emotional, Intellectual,
Spiritual, Occupational, Social and Physical. Models of Health: Medical,
Environmental and Holistic. Historical Perspectives on Health Healing:
Biopsychosoical and Biomedical Approaches.

Factors Affecting Health: Mind and Body relationship – Genetic – Environmental and
Behavioral Factors - The Changing Health Habits: Cognitive, Behavioral and
Transtheoretical Models.

Research Methods in Health Psychology: Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Methods - The Process of an Experimental Research – Correlational, Observational,
Longitudinal and Cross sectional, Retrospective and Prospective Studies.

Unit II: Health Related Behavior

Biopsychological Origin of Health-Related Behaviors. Prevention: Primary,
Secondary and Tertiary – Models and Theories on Health Behavior Interventions: The
Heath Belief Model – The Stages of Change Model – The Precaution Adoption
Process Model (PAPM) - Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) – Theory of Reasoned
Action (TRA) – The Social Cognitive Learning Theory – Sociocultural Level
Interventions Self Directed Behavior Change – Adherence to Health Related

Health Related Personality: Big Five Personality Traits – Type A, B, C, and D
personality factors – Hostility – Impulsivity.

Health Related Motivation: Providing Information – Persuading others – Attitude
change – Enhancing self-efficacy – Motivation to behavior change.

Unit III: Health Enhancing Behaviors

Exercise: Movement and Exercise – Biopsychosoical Perspective – Biological,
Psychological and Sociocultural factors on inactivity - Types of Exercise – Factors
promoting Exercise Behavior - Theoretical Approaches on Exercise Behaviors: The
Theories of Reasoned Action - Ajzen’s Theory - Health Belief Model -
Transtheoretical Approach.

Food: Functions of Food – The Seven Components of Food – Dietary Supplements –
2000 Calorie Food Pattern - The Healthy Eating Pyramid – Healthy Eating Behavior –
Healthy Body Size - Dieting and Eating Disorders: Yo-yo Dieting, Crash Diets and
Fad Diets - Obesity – Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa – Weight Management

Relationships: Sexuality and Intimate Relationships – Psychological and Behavioral
Dimensions of Sexuality – The Relationships Dimension: The Life-Cycle of Intimate
Relationships - Communicating in Intimate Relationships.

IV: The Nature and Coping of Stress

Stress - Stressors - Eustress - Distress -The Physiological and the Psychological
Reactions to Stress – Health, Immune System and Gender - Posttraumatic Stress
Disorders (PTSD) – College Student Stress - Measurement of Stress: Polygraph Tests;
Performance Measures; Self Reports of Stress and Social Readjustment Rating Scale.

Theories of Stress: Walter Cannon and the Fight-or-Flight Response – Hans Selye and
the General Adaption Syndrome – Transactional theory – Conservation of resources

Coping with Stress: Types of Coping: Problem Focused, Emotion Focused and
Denial/Distancing/Giving Up - Stress Management Techniques: Biological
Approaches: Control of body tension - Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Massage
therapy. Therapeutic Psychological Approaches: Self help and Professional help -
Religious and Spiritual Orientations - Stress Inoculation Training – Biofeedback –
Redefinition and Guided Imagery.

Unit V Application of Health Psychology

Health Compromising Behaviors: Smoking: Biological and Psychological Effects of
Tobacco - Types of Tobacco Related Damage to Health - Interventions for Smoking
Cessation, Smoking Prevention for Teens and Young Adults. Alcohol: Biological and
Psychological Effects of Alcohol Use and Abuse – Alcoholism - Interventions for
Alcohol Abuse.

Chronic Illness: Cardiovascular Disease: Psychological Perspectives on CVD -
Biological and Psychological Risk Factors - Prevention of CVD. Cancer: Biological
and Psychological Analysis of Cancer – Psychological Interventions for Chronic

Diversity Issues: Health and Income – Health and Race Ethnicity and National Origin
- Health and Gender - Psychosocial Aspects of Being Female - Health and
Disabilities - Health and Age.

Reference Books
1. Charles Abraham, Mark Conner, Fiona Jones and Daryl O’Conner (2008).
Health Psychology, London, Hodder Education.

2. Gordon, E. and Eric, G.(2010). Health And Wellness (10th
Edition). Boston.
Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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Unit I: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Definition, Need and Importance of Organizational Behaviour – Nature and Scope –
Management Roles – Management functions – Management Skills - Challenges and
Opportunities for Organizational Behaviour - Contributing Disciplines to the
Organizational Behaviour – Organizational Behaviour Models

Unit II: Foundations of Individual Behaviour:

Perception: Person Perception – Shortcuts in Judging Others-Interpersonal
Perception- Its applications,
Attitudes: Sources of Attitudes and its Application
Personality – Personality Determinants – Dimensions of Self Concept- Personality
Traits - Matching Personality and Jobs types – Traits relevant to Work Behaviour

Unit III: Learning, Motivation and Job Satisfaction
Learning: Theories of Learning, Shaping-Schedules of Reinforcement-Its
Organizational Applications
Basic Motivation Concepts: Theories of Motivation – Content Theories: Maslow,
Herzberg, Alderfer, McGregor, McClelland, Process Theories: Vroom, Porter and
Lawler’s Expectancy Model, Adams Equity Model, Skinners Reinforcement Model,
Goal Setting Theory – Applications of Motivation Theory MBO – Employee
recognition and involvement program

Unit IV: Foundations of Group Behaviour

Types of Groups – Models of Group Development- External Conditions Imposed on
the Group – Group Structure – Group Process – Group Decision Making Group Think
and Group Shift – Inter group Relations - Methods for Managing Inter-group
Relations Types of Teams – Models of Team Effectiveness – A developmental Model
– A Systems Model Team Building Conflict Process: Types of Conflicts - Conflict
management Techniques – Functional and Dysfunctional Outcomes of Conflict

Unit V: Dynamics of Organizational Behaviour:

Communication Process – Barriers to Effective Communication - Directions of
Communications – Non-verbal Communications Leadership Theories: Personality
Trait Theories – Behavioral Styles – Situational and Contingency Style -
Transformational Leadership - Sources of Power Change Process: Forces for Change
– Resistance to Change – Overcoming Resistance to Change - Approaches to
Management Organizational Change- Implementing Successful Change-
Organizational Development Intervention Strategies

Reference Books

1. Stephen P. Robbins, “Organizational Behavior”, Prentice Hall of India, 9th

2. Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman, “Organizational Behavior”, South-Western,
Thomson Learning, 9th
edition, 2004.

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6. Jit S.Chand, Organizational Behavior, Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 2nd


Unit I: Introduction, History and Cognitive Neuroscience

What is Cognitive Psychology? – Cognitive Psychology: Definition and domains-
Roots of Cognitive Psychology – Conceptual Science and Cognitive Psychology.

Cognitive Neuroscience: Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, the Nervous
System – the Neuron – the brain – Anatomy of the Brain, Neurophysiologic Sensing
Techniques – MRI – EPI – CAT scan – PET scan, a tale two hemispheres – Cognitive
Psychology and Brain Science - Application: Cognitive style and cognitive map.

Unit II: Perception, Attention, Patter Recognition and Consciousness

Introduction: Perception and Attention – Sensation and Perception – Perceptual
Span – Iconic Storage – Echoic Storage- Functions of sensory stores – Attention –
Processing capacity and selective attention – Auditory signals- Models of selective
attention- Visual attention- Automatic processing- The neurocognition of attention –
Human Brain and Attention - PET.

Patter Recognition: Perceptual theories: Template-matching theory – Feature
detection theory – Independent confirmation of feature analysis – Gestalt theory -
Canonic perspectives- Prototype matching, Pattern recognition – The role of the
perceiver. Application: of (feature analysis, template matching, prototypes) in
Bottom-Up Top-Down and Pandemonium in visual processing

Consciousness: Explicit and implicit memory – Research with primes – Neuro
Cognitive studies – Sleep and Amnesia – Modern theories of consciousness – Baars’
global workspace theory – Functions of consciousness.

Unit III: Memory Structure and Processes

Short term memory – Neurocognition and STM – working memory – Capacity of
STM – The coding of Information in STM – Retrieval of Information from STM -
Long term memory: Neurocognition and LTM – LTM Storage and structure – Very
long –Term Memory – Autobiographical Memories – Fallibility of Memory and
Eyewitness Identification.

Theories and Neurocognition: Neurocognition of Memory – Two Memory Stores –
Models of Memory – levels of Processing – Self-Reference Effect – Episodic and
Semantic Memory Rumelhart – Tulving – McClelland.

Mnemonics and Experts: Mnemonic System – Experts and Expertise

Unit – IV: Mental Representations: Memory and Imagery

The Representation of Knowledge: Semantic organization –Assocaitionist approach
Semantic memory model – Set theoretical model – Semantic feature – Comparison
model – Network model – Propositional model networks. Representation of
Knowledge – Neurocognitivie consideration – Connectionism and the Representation
of Knowledge. Mental Imagery: Imagery and Cognitive Psychology – Neurocognitive

Evidence – Cognitive Maps Storing – Retrieving –Retrieval from working and
permanent memory – Theories of retrieval – Forgetting.

Cognitive development: life-span development – Developmental Psychology –
Neurocognitive Development – Comparative Development – Cognitive Development-
Assimilation and Accommodation: Piaget – Mind in Society: Vygotsky – Vygotsky
and Piaget – Early Neural Development – Environment and Neural Development –
Intelligence and ability – Development of Information Acquisition Skills- Higher-
Order Cognition in Children – Prototype Formation among Children.

Unit V: Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity and Decision Making

Thinking - Concept formation – Logic – Decision Making - Problem solving – Gestalt
Heritage – Problem solving approaches – Algorithm - Heuristics - Definition of
creativity – Process – Barriers on creativity – Human intelligence – Artificial
Intelligence – AI and PDP – Machines and Mind – Perception and Artificial
Intelligence – Language and Artificial Intelligence.


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ed) Psychology press. UK.


Experiments Related to Organizational Behaviour
1. Conflict Management Styles
2. Need Hierarchy - Motivation Questionnaire
3. Power Orientation Questionnaire – Identification of Power Bases
4. Leadership Style Questionnaire – Managerial Grid
5. McGregor’s Theory X and Y Questionnaire

Experiments Related to Psychometric and Research Methodology
6. Methods of Average Error
7. Methods of Minimal Changes
8. Methods of Constant Stimuli
9. Methods of Paired Comparison
10. Correlationsal Research – An Instance

Experiments Related to Health Psychology

11. Stress Assessment Questionnaire
12. Quality of Life Index Questionnaire
13. Subjective Well Being Questionnaire
14. General Health Questionnaire
15. Student’s Alcohol Syndrome Questionnaire

Experiments related to Cognitive Psychology

16. Laterality – left and right hemisphere specialization
17. Stroop Effect
18. Decision Making Exercise
19. Short term and Long Term Exercises
20. Cognitive Style Questionnaire

• SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010


Unit I: The Concept and Nature of Social Psychology

Working Definition - Scientific Nature - Understanding the Causes of Social behavior
and thought. – Major trends in Modern Social Psychology: Cognition and behavior -
Social Neuroscience - The role of implicit process and Social Diversity.

Social Cognition: Schemas – Heuristics and Automatic Processing. Errors in Social
Negativity bias – Optimistic bias – Counterfactual thinking – Thought suppression –
Limits on Abilities. Affect on Cognition: The influence of Affect on Cognition and
Cognition on Affect.

Social Perception: Non-Verbal Communication – Gazes and Stares – Body Language
and Touching - Recognizing Deception. Attribution: Theories and Applications –
Impression Formation: Asch’s Experiment – Theories – Cognitive Perspective and
Abstractions – Impression Management: Tactics and The Role of Cognitive Load.

Unit II: The Concept and Nature of Attitude and The Self

Formation of Attitudes: Social Learning – Functions of Attitude – Attitudes influence
Behavior. Changing Attitudes: Persuasion- Cognitive processes- Resistance to
persuasion: Reactance – Forewarning – Selective avoidance – Actively defending and
Inoculation - Cognitive dissonance.

The Self: Personal Vs Social Identity - Self and Situation - Self and Others Treatment
– Self awareness. Self-Esteem: Self-Serving biases. Social Comparison: Downward
and Upward Social Comparison – Social Comparison and Social Identity Theories –
Self-presentation and Self- regulation. Self and Prejudice: Cognitive Behavioral

Unit III: The Concept and Nature of Prejudice and Attraction

Stereotyping: Glass ceiling – Tokenism - Benevolent and Hostile Sexism – Gender –
Formation and Operation of Stereotypes – Illusionary Correlation – Out Group
Homogeneity and Change of stereotypes. Prejudice: Minimal Groups – Incidental
Feelings and Implicit Association. The Origin of Prejudice: Threats to Self-esteem –
Competition and Social Categorization. Discrimination: Modern Racism – Priming –
Bonafide pipeline and Exposure – Countering the Effects of Prejudice: Learning not
to Hate - Contact Hypothesis – Recatagarization - Just Say No Stereotype and Social

Interpersonal Attraction: Internal Determinants of Attraction: The Need to Affiliate –
The Basic Role of Affect. External Determinants of Attraction: The Power of
Proximity and Observable Characteristics. Interactive Determinants of Attraction:
Similarity – Complementarities and Mutual Liking.
M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 11 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010

Unit IV: The Concept and Nature of Social Influence

Close Relationships: Family – Friends – Lovers and Spouses - Interdependent
Relationships – Romantic Relationships – Falling in Love – Theories of Liking and
Loving and the Social Psychology of Marriage. Loneliness: Life without Close

Conformity: Sherif’s - Asch’s and Milgarm’s studies on conformity - The Factors
Affecting Conformity - Resistance to conform – Minority Influence. Compliance:
Ingratiation - Foot in the Door and The Low ball - The Door in the Face and That is
Not All - Fast Approaching and Deadline Technique – Scarcity. Symbolic Social
Influence: Obedience to Authority and Social Influence in Work Settings.

Unit V: The Concept and Nature of Helping and Harming Behavior

Prosocial Behavior: Responding to an Emergency – Steps in Helping Vs Not Helping
– External and Internal Influences on Helping Behavior: Situational Factor –
Emotions and Empathy. Long Term Commitment to Prosocial Behavior:
Volunteering – Self-Interest – Moral Integrity and Moral Hypocrisy. The Basic
Motivation for Prosocial Behavior: Empathy - Altruism – Negative-State Relief -
Empathic Joy and Genetic Determinism.

Theoretical Perspectives on Aggression: Biological – Drive - Social Learning and
General Aggression Model. – Causes of Human Aggression: Social – Cultural –
Personal and Situational. Aggression in Long Term Relationship: Bullying – Work
Place Aggression. Prevention and Control of Aggression: Punishment – Cognitive
Interventions – Catharsis and Forgiveness.

Reference Books

1. Baron R. A, Byrne D. and Brans Combe N.R. (2009). Social Psychology 11th

Edison, New Delhi, Prentice Hall.

2. Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, and Robin M. Akert, (2010). Social
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M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 12 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010



Unit I: Personality Theory and Personality Assessment

Essential Components of Personality Theory. Criteria for evaluating personality
Interview Technique. Self-Report Inventories: Single Trait Test, Multidimensional
Tests. Projective Techniques

UNIT II: Psychodynamic Perspectives and Ego Psychology and Related Perspectives:

Classical Psychoanalysis – Concepts and Principles, Application. Individual
Psychology– Basic tenets, Application. Analytical Psychology – Concepts and
Principles, Application.
Erik Erikson’s theory: Concepts and Principles. Erich Fromm’s theory: Concepts and
Principles. Karen Horney’s theory: Concepts and Principles.

Unit III: Dispositional Perspectives and Learning Perspectives

Gordon Allport’s theory: Concepts and Principles. Raymond Cattell’s theory:
Concepts and Principles. Hans J Eysenck’s theory: Concepts and Principles.
Principles and Application of Learning theories: Operant Conditioning of Skinner.
Social Cognitive theory by Bandura. Social learning theory by Rotter. Cognitive
Theory by Kelly.

Unit IV: Humanistic Perspectives and Existential Perspectives and Existential

Humanistic theory of Abraham Maslow: Peak experiences – Self-actualizers -
Hierarchy of needs - Measuring Self-Actualization. Phenomenological theory of Carl
Roger. Application of concepts from Maslow’s and Roger’s theory.
Alternatives to Positivism – The Phenomenological view – Victor Frankl: Personal
Choice. Evaluation of Humanistic-Existential Approaches to Personality -
Humanistic-Existential Approaches to Personality - Advantages and limits of
Humanistic-Existential Approaches.

Unit V: New Frontiers in Personality Research

Basic assumptions in retrospect - Evaluation of personality theories - New World of
Personality (Designer personalities, Utopian World Vs Abuse of Reward and
Punishment, Genetic superhuman) – Eclecticism & Integral Psychology.
Current reflections and preoccupations in Personality research. Unresolved Problems
in Personality. Pointers for future personality studies.

Reference Books:

1. Friedman, H.S. & Schustack, M.W. (2003). Personality – Classic theories and
Modern Research. (2nd
Edition). USA: Pearson Education.
2. Hjelle, L.A. & Ziegler, D.J. (1992). Personality theories – Basic Assumptions,
Research and Applications. (3rd
edition). NY: McGraw-Hill.
M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 13 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010


Unit I: Introducing Human Resources Concepts
Strategic Role of Human Resources and the HR Scorecard: Nature of HRM, Scope of
HRM, Systems Approach to HRM, Traditional HR vs. Strategic HR, HRM in the new
HRM Human Resources Planning: Process of Human Resource Planning,
Responsibility for HRP, Effective Human Resource Planning

Unit II: Determining, Attracting and Selecting Human Resources:
Job Analysis: Uses of Job Analysis, Process of Job Analysis, Methods of Collecting
Job Analysis, Job Description, Job Specification, Role Analysis
Job design and Quality of Work Life: Techniques for Designing Jobs
Recruiting Human Resources: Sources of Recruitment, Methods of Recruitment,
Recruitment – Indian Experiences
Employee Testing and Selection: Types of Tests, Tests as Selection Tools
Interviewing Candidates: Types of Interview, Interview Process, Reference Checks

Unit III: Developing Human Resources:
Appraising and Managing Performance: Performance Appraisal Process, Methods of
Performance Appraisal, 360 degree Feedback System, Problems with Performance
Appraisal : Training and Developing Employees: Need for Training, Systematic
Approach to Training, Types of Training, Training Methods, Evaluation of Training
Career and Succession Planning: Concept of Career, Career Stages, Career Planning,
Career Development, Succession Planning

Unit IV: Rewarding Human Resources:
Employee Compensation,: Objectives of Compensation Planning, Compensation of
Pay Structure, Factors Influencing Compensation Levels
Financial Incentives and Employees Benefits and Services: Statutory and Non-
statutory benefits, Incentive Plans, Individual Incentives, Group and Team Based
Incentive Plans, Fringe Benefits, Establishing Strategic Pay plans,

Unit V: Recent Trends and Practices in Managing Human Resources
Participation and Empowerment: Forms of Participation, Alternative Approaches to
Participation, Prospects of Empowerment
International Human Resources Management: Pressures of Globalization, Cultural
Differences and HRM, International Recruitment Policy, International Selection
Criteria, International Training and Development, International Compensation.


1. Rao V.S.P “Human Resources Management: Text and Cases”, Second Edition,
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M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 14 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010



Unit I: The Nature and Types of Motivation
Definition – History of Motivation – Not Dichotomous – Dynamic and Continuous -
Subject to Numerous Factors – Regulatory and Purposive Approaches – Motivation
Concepts as an Intervening Variable – Desire and Aversion as Intervening Variables .
Needs: Physiological, Psychological, and Acquired Needs.
Types of Motivation: Primary Motivation and Secondary Motivation: Achievement
Motivation, Affiliation Motivation, Competence Motivation, Power Motivation,
Attitude Motivation, Socialization Motivation, Incentive Motivation, Fear Motivation
and Change Motivation. Intrinsic Motivation – Extrinsic Motivation: Moving Toward
Motivation, Moving Away Motivation – Conscious and Unconscious Motivation.
Unit II: Theoretical Approaches on Motivation
Ancient Approaches to Motivation: Instinct Theory – Classic Homeostatic Theory –
Drive theory – Activation Theory- Psychoanalytical Theories - Reinforcement Theory
of B.F. Skinner -– Incentive Theories - Cognitive Evaluation Theory.
Abraham Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory – McClelland’s Theory of Needs –
Atkinson’s Expectancy – Value Theory – Spence and Helmreich’s Achievement
Theory – Theory of Sensation Seeking - Clayton Alderfer’s ERG Theory - Process
Douglas - Resins Likert theory - Victor Vroom’s Valence and Expectancy Theory -
Porter and Lawler Theory -– Robert Owen, Jeremy Bentham’s The Carrot and the
Stick Approach - Elton Mayo’s Theory.

Unit III: Application of Motivation
Motivation in Organizations: Job Motivation and Satisfaction: Philosophical views -
McGregor’s Theory X and Y – Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory - Equity Theory -
Goal Setting Theory of Edwin Locke – Theories of Job-satisfaction.
Motivation in Sports – Self-determination Theory – Achievement Goal Theory –
Developing and Maintaining Effective Attention – Stress and performance Sport:
Arousal – Anxiety – Stress – Building self-Confidence – Developing Mental
Rehearsal and Imagery Skills - Achievement and competition.
Motivation in Advertising: The Communication Model – The Message – The
Audience – Credibility and likability – Fear arousal – Motivational state or mood -
Subliminal Advertising.

Unit IV: The Concepts of Emotions
Definition – Types of Emotions: Primary Emotions - Happiness, Surprise, Disgust,
Fear, Anger and Sadness - Secondary Emotions: Positive Emotions: Love,
Appreciation, Happiness, Hope, Enthusiasm, Vitality, Confidence, Gratitude,
Patience, Trust, Vulnerable, Optimistic, Appreciative, Ashamed, and Astonished.
Negative Emotions: Fear, Anger, Guilt, Depression, Pride, Jealousy, Self-pity,
Anxiety, Resentment, Envy, Frustration, Shame, Denial, Offended, Regret, Resentful,
Sad, Worried, Grief.
Historical Foundations: Philosophical – Wundt and Titchener – James and Lange –
Cannon and Bard – Elizabeth Duffy – The Papez Circuit and the Kluver-Bucy
Syndrome. Contemporary views: Structure of Affect – Emotions as Intervening
Variables - Measurement of Emotion – The Biology of Emotion: Neural Mechanism -
Hemispheric Differences in Emotions. M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 15 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010

Theories of Emotions: Discrete Emotion Theories: Facial Feedback Hypothesis –
Dimensional Theories of Emotions: Pleasant-unpleasant and Level of Arousal –
Cognitive Theories of Emotions: Excitation Transfer Theory - Schachter’s Theory –
Plutchik’s Theory of emotions – Candace Pert’s theory of Emotions.
Unit V: Application of Emotions
Counselling: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Aaron Becks – Albert Ellis ABC
theory of Emotion and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy.
Coping Mechanism: Written Emotional Disclosure Interventions. Emotions in Sports:
Self Regulation and Athletic Performance.
Emotions in the Workplace: Emotional Intelligence and Carrier Development –
Leadership and Tam Building Managing Emotions through Workplace Design.

1. Franken, R. E. (2006). Human motivation (6th ed.). Wadsworth Thomson
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Unit 1: Introduction to counseling:

Counseling: Nature and scope, Definitions, Historical perspectives, Counseling as
helping profession and Qualities of a good counselor. Traditional activities:
Individual assessment, Individual Counseling, Group Counseling and Guidance,
Career assistance, Consultation, Research, Evaluation and accountability and
Prevention. Future directions and Multicultural counseling.

Unit 2: Individual counseling

Theories of counseling: Psychoanalytic theory, Person-Centered theory- Behavior
theory, REBT, Transactional Analysis, Eclectic counseling, Reality therapy, other
theories. The counseling Process: Relationship establishment, Problem identification
and Exploration, Planning for problem solving and Solution, Application and
termination. Group techniques for counselors: Definitions and Explanations, Group
counseling, Group leadership, Group process, Group guidance activities and Values.
Goals of Counseling. Special counseling populations.

Unit 3: Human assessment for counseling

Standardized tests: Meaning. Presenting and Selecting test: Reliability, Validity and
Practicality. Types of standardized test: Intelligence testing, Aptitude testing,
Interest inventories, Personality tests, and Achievement tests. Observation: Rating
scales, Checklists, Inventories and Anecdotal reports. Self-reporting and Other
techniques: Autobiography, Interviews, Diaries, and self-Expression essays. Group
assessment techniques: Sociometric techniques, Ecological assessment and Records.
Consultation process: models and skills.
M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 16 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010

Unit 4: Counseling for Career planning and Decision making

Theories of career planning and decision making: Trait-factor theory,
Developmental theories, Personality theories, Social learning theory, Sociological
theories, Economic theories, other theories and Implications. Career planning and
Decision making in Schools: Counselor’s role Student career development and
Techniques for Career planning and Decision making. Career Counseling in Non-
school settings.

Unit 5: Prevention and Ethical issues

Prevention: Definitions and Explanations, Prevention in non-school setting,
Wellness, Stress management and Recreation and leisure. Counseling and
technology: Counseling and internet and technology and its impact. Ethical and legal
issues: Nature of ethics, Ethical issues, the counselor and the law, Legal concerns for

Reference Books:

Gibson, R. L., and Mitchell, M.H. (2006). Introduction to counseling and guidance
Edition). Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.

Narayana Rao, S. (2002). Counseling and Guidance (Rev. Second Edition). Tata
McGraw-Hill, New Delhi.


Experiments Related to Advanced Social Psychology
1. Sociometry
2. Communication Experiment
3. Leadership Questionnaire
4. Choice Dilemma Experiment
5. Prisoner’s Dilemma Experiment

Experiments Related to Personality Research and Applications
6. Eysenck Personality Questionnaire
7. Cattell’s 16 PF
8. Myers and Briggs Type Indicator
9. Jungian Functional Types
10. Thematic Apperception Test

Experiments Related to Human Resources Management
11. Job Satisfaction Questionnaire
12. Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
13. Job Involvement Scale
14. Occupational Health and Stress Questionnaire
15. Personal Value Questionnaire M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 17 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010


Experiments Related to Motivation and Emotion
16. Need Achievement Test
17. Self-Actualization Test
18. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Tests
19. Emotional Awareness Test
20 Student Motivation Problem Solving Questionnaire

Experiments Related to Theories of Counseling
21. Multicultural Counseling
22. REBT Counseling
23. Anecdotal Reports
24. Holland Vocational Personality Inventory
25. Recreation and Leisure.

• This list is suggestive
• A minimum of 15 experiments/exercises must be completed M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 18 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010



Unit I: Paradigms in Psychopathology

The Supernatural Paradigm - The Genetic Paradigm and The Neuroscience Paradigm.

The Psychoanalytic Paradigm - The Cognitive Paradigm - The Behavioral Paradigm -
The Humanistic Paradigm and The Socio cultural Paradigm.

Factors That Cut Across the Paradigms – Diathesis - An Integrative Paradigm -
Multiple Perspectives on a Clinical Problem.
Unit II: Classifications in Psychopathology, Anxiety and, Somatoform Disorders

Classifications: Categories of Maladaptive behavior-Advantages and Disadvantages.
DSM-IV: Classification of Mental Disorders - The major diagnostic Categories and
axis- The Multiaxial Approach - ICD-10: International Classification Mental

The Complexity of Anxiety Disorders- Generalized Anxiety Disorder- Phobias -
Types of Phobias - Post Traumatic disorders- Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder.

Somatoform -Dissociative – Conversion – Hypochondriasis – Pain and Factitious
Unit III: Mood Disorders, Suicide, Eating and Sleeping Disorders

Understanding and Defining Mood Disorders: Prevalence - Causes- Treatment -
Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) - Bipolar Disorders – Substance induced Mood
Disorders – Alcohol induced Mood Disorders – Benzodiazepine induced Mood

Suicide: Classifications of suicide – Methods of Suicide – Causes, Treatment and

Eating Disorders: Major Types of Eating Disorders - Causes- Symptoms
Complications – Diagnosis and Treatment. Sleep Disorders: Common Disorders –
Classifications and Treatment.
Unit IV: Sexual, Gender Identity Disorders, Substance- Related, Impulse
Control and Personality Disorders

Normal Sexuality - Gender Identity Disorders – Factors Determining a Person’s
Sexual Disorder - Overview of Sexual Dysfunction – Types of Sexual Disorder -
Assessing Sexual Behavior - Causes and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction –
M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 19 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010

Substance Related Disorder: Categories of Substance Related Disorders -
Depressants – Stimulators - Opioids - Hallucinogens - Causes of Substance-Related
Disorders - Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders - Impulse Control Disorders.

Personality Disorders - Cluster A Personality Disorders - Cluster B Personality
Disorders - Personality Disorders - Paranoid – Schizoid – Schizotypal – Histrionic –
Narcisstic – Anti-Social Personality Disorders.

Unit V: Schizophrenia, Psychotic, Developmental and Cognitive Disorders

Perspectives on Schizophrenia- Clinical Description- Symptoms and Subtypes-
Causes – Diagnosis – Mechanisms and Treatment of Schizophrenia.

Developmental and Behavioral Disorders: Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention-
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Angelman Syndrome - Autism Spectrum
Disorders - Bipolar Disorder - Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) -
Cerebral Palsy - Down Syndrome - Expressive Language Disorder - Fragile X
Syndrome - IsoDicentric 15 - Landau-Kleffner Syndrome - Learning Disabilities (LD)
- Mental Retardation - Neural Tube Defects - Phenylketonuria (PKU) - Prader-Willi
Syndrome - Seizure Disorders - Tourette Syndrome - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) -
Williams Syndrome.
Cognitive Disorders – Sub Categories - Delirium- Dementia – aphasia – Causes –
Diagnosis – Prevention and Treatment .

Reference Books

1. Alloy L. B., Riskind J.H. & Mandos M.J. (2006). Abnormal Psychology:
Current Perspectives. 9th
Edition, New Delhi, Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Com.

2. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). Fourth
Edition, Washington DC, the Division of Publications and Marketing,
American Psychiatrist Association.

3. ICD-10. (2007). The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioral
Disorders: Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines, Geneva, World
Health Organization, AITBS Publishers in India.

M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 20 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010


Unit I: Psychiatric Classification

History of Psychiatric Classification: Advances in Classification since 1800 –
Objection – Theoretical Limitations and Practical Requirements – Current
Classification Systems – Reliability of Present Psychiatric Classification.
ICD-10 and its Predecessors: History- Principal Difference between Chapter V (F) of
ICD-10 and Chapter V of ICD-9. Features of ICD-10. Classification of mental and
behavioral disorders based on ICD-10.
DSM-IV-TR and its Predecessors: History. DSM-IV-TR –Features, Multiaxial
Evaluation, New and Controversial Categories, Culture Bound Syndromes,
Guidelines, Decision Trees and Differential Diagnosis. Diagnostic Categories based

Unit-II: Psychiatric Interviewing, History

General Issues concerning Interviewing. Rapport. Various features of Interview
Proper. Specific Issues: Fees, Confidentiality, Supervision, Missed appointment and
length of sessions, Follow-up, Difficult Patients, Burnout.
Psychiatric Interview: Time Management, Arrangement of Seating, Arrangement of
Office, Notes taking, Follow-up Interviews. Interviewing Variations. Therapists’
behavior affecting Interview.
Case History: Objective of Case History. Identifying Data, Chief Complaints,
Present Illness, Past Illness, Personal History.

Unit III: Signs and Symptoms and Mental Status Examination

Typical Signs and Symptoms of Psychiatric Illness: Disturbances of Consciousness –
Disturbances of Emotions – Disturbances of Motor Behavior – Disturbances in
Thinking – Disturbances in Speech – Disturbances associated with Perception –
Disturbances in Memory –Disturbances in Intelligence – Levels of Insight – Levels of
Mental Status Examination. General Description. Mood and Affectivity. Speech
Characteristics. Perception. Thought Content and Mental trends. Sensorium and
Cognition. Impulsivity. Judgment and Insight. Reliability.

Unit IV: Assessment

Rating Scales: Characteristics of Rating Scales. Various Rating Scales – BPRS,
Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, Yale-Brown
Obsessive Compulsive Scale, PANSS, Social and Occupational Assessment Scale,
Personality Inventories: Personality and the Inventory Types – Personal Data Sheets,
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Cattell’s 16PF, Personality Inventory
for Children. Response Set.
Projective Techniques in Personality Assessment: Rationale – Rorschach
Psychodiagnostics – Thematic Apperception Test – Sentence Completion Test –
Word Association Test – Draw a person test – Merits of Projective Technique -
Criticisms on Projective Tests. M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 21 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010


Unit V: Assessment and Report

Intelligence Testing: Standford-Binet Era – Early diagnostic use of Standford Binet –
Studies on Intratest variability with psychiatric patients using Standford Binet Test.
Weschler-Bellevue Scale and its successor as clinical instruments – Studies on
Neuropsychological Testing: Assessment of Reasoning, Concept formation and
Problem Solving, Memory, Orientation, Perceptual and psychomotor performance,
Language, Attention and Concentration. Neuropsychological Test Batteries: Luria-
Nebraska Neuropsychological Test Battery – Halstead Reitan Battery of
Neuropsychological Testing.
Case Report: Structure of Case Report. Further Diagnostic Studies – Summary of
Findings – Diagnosis – Prognosis – Psychodynamic Formulation and Defense
Mechanisms – Treatment Plan.

Reference Books:

1. Cohen, R.J. (2002). Psychological Testing and Assessment – An introduction to
test and Measurement. (5th
Edition). US: McGraw Hill.

2. Wolman, B.B. (1965). Handbook of Clinical Psychology. NY: McGraw Hill.

3. Kaplan, H.I. & Sadock, B.J. (1994). Synopsis of Psychiatry – Behavioral
Sciences/Clinical Psychiatry. (8th
Edn). NY: Williams & Wilkins.

4. The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders – Clinical
descriptions and diagnostic guidelines. (2007). New Delhi: A.I.T.B.S.


Unit I
Definition – Types of Psychotherapy – The Counsellor as a therapeutic person –
Personal counseling for the Therapist. The Therapist’s values and the Therapeutic
process: The role of Values in Therapy – Dealing with Value Conflicts – The Role of
Values in Developing Therapeutic Goals – Issues faced by Beginning Therapists –

Psychoanalytic Therapy: Key Concepts: Human nature - Structure of Personality –
Consciousness and Unconsciousness – Ego-defense Mechanisms – Development of
Personality. The Therapeutic Process: Goals – Therapist’s Function and Role –
Client’s experience – Relationship between Therapist and Client – Application:
Therapeutic Techniques and Procedures – Free Association – Interpretation – Dream
Analysis - Analysis and interpretation of Resistance - Analysis and interpretation of

Unit II
Adlerian Therapy: Key Concepts: Human nature – Subjective perception of Reality –
Unity and Patterns of Human Personality – Social Interest and Community Feeling –
Birth Order and Sibling Relationships. The Therapeutic Process: Goals – Therapist’s
Function and Role – Client’s experience – Relationship between Therapist and Client M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 22 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010

– Application: Therapeutic Techniques and Procedures – Establishing the
Relationship – Exploring the Individual’s Dynamics – Encouraging Self-
Understanding and insight – Helping with Reorientation – Areas of Application.

Existential Therapy: Key Concepts: Human nature – The Capacity for Self-Awareness
– Striving for Identity and Relationship to Others – The Search for Meaning –
Anxiety as a condition of living – Awareness of Death and Nonbeing. The
Therapeutic Process: Goals – Therapist’s Function and Role – Client’s experience –
Relationship between Therapist and Client – Application: Therapeutic Techniques
and Procedures

Unit III
Person – Centered Therapy: Key Concepts: Human Nature – Basic Characteristics -
The Therapeutic Process: Therapeutic Goals – Therapists Function and Role –
Client’s Experience in Therapy - Relationship between Therapist and Client.
Application: Therapeutic Techniques and Procedures – Evolution of Person –
Centered Methods – The Role of Assessment – Areas of Application.
Gestalt Therapy: Key Concepts: Human Nature – Principles of Gestalt Therapy
Theory – The Now – Unfinished Business – Personality as Peeling an Onion –
Contact and Resistance to Contact – Energy and Blocks to Energy. The Therapeutic
Process: Therapeutic Goals – Therapists Function and Role – Client’s Experience in
Therapy - Relationship between Therapist and Client. Application: Therapeutic
Techniques and Procedures – The Experiment in Gestalt Therapy – Preparing Clients
for Gestalt Experiments – The role of Confrontation – Techniques of Gestalt Therapy.

Unit IV
Reality Therapy: Key Concepts: Human Nature – Choice Theory Explanation of
Behaviour – Characteristics of Reality Therapy. The Therapeutic Process:
Therapeutic Goals – Therapists Function and Role – Client’s Experience in Therapy -
Relationship between Therapist and Client. Application: Therapeutic Techniques and
Procedures – The Practice of Reality Therapy – The Counseling Environment _
Procedures That Lad to Change – The WDEP system.

Behaviour Therapy: Key Concepts: Human Nature – Basic Characteristics and
assumptions. The Therapeutic Process: Therapeutic Goals – Therapists Function and
Role – Client’s Experience in Therapy - Relationship between Therapist and Client.
Application: Therapeutic Techniques and Procedures – Relaxation Training and
Related Methods – Systematic Desensitization Exposure Therapies – Assertion
Training – Self – Management Programs and Self-Directed Behaviour – Multimodal
Therapy -

Unit V
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Key Concepts: Human Nature – View of Emotional
Disturbance – A-B-C Theory of Personality. The Therapeutic Process: Therapeutic
Goals – Therapists Function and Role – Client’s Experience in Therapy - Relationship
between Therapist and Client. Application: Therapeutic Techniques and Procedures –
The Practice of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy - Aaron Beck’s Cognitive
Therapy – Basic Principles – The Client/Therapist Relationship - Applications of
Cognitive Therapy.
M.Sc Applied Psychology -2010-11 -UD. Annexure No. 71-A
Page 23 of 35 SCAA - Dt.28.05.2010

1. Gerald Corey, (2001) Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy,
Edition, California, Wadsworth, Brooks/Cole.
2. Burl E. Gilliland And Richard K. James, (1998) Theories and Strategies in
Counseling and Psychotherapy, London, Allyn and Bacon.
3. John C. Masters, Thomas G. Burish, Steven D. Hollon And David C. Rimm
(1987) Behavior Therapy, 3rd
Edition, New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
College Publishers.
4. Lewis R. Wolberg, (1977) The Technique of Psychotherapy, 3rd
Edition, New
York, Grune & Stratton.


Unit I: Introduction to Organization Development
Overview of the Field of Organization Development: Laboratory Training, Survey
Research and Feedback, Action Research, Socio-technical and Socio-clinical
Values and Assumptions and Beliefs in OD: OD Values and Assumptions,
Implications of OD and Assumptions

Unit II: Theory and Management of OD
Foundations of Organization Development: Models and Theories of Planned Change,
Systems Theory, Participation and Empowerment, Teams and Teamwork,
Managing the OD Process: Diagnosis, Action Component – OD Interventions,

Unit III: Team, Intergroup and Third-Party Peacemaking Interventions
Overview of OD Interventions: Classifying OD Interventions
Team Interventions: Teams and Work Groups, Broad Team-Building Interventions,
Process Consultation Interventions

Unit IV: Comprehensive OD Interventions and Structural Interventions:
Survey Feedback, Grid Organization Development, Schein Cultural System, Trans-
organizational Development
Structural Interventions: MBO, Quality Circles, TQM, High Performance Work

Unit V: T-Group Training
T-Groups, Behaviour Modeling, Life and Career Planning. Coaching and Mentoring
Future and Organizational Development

References Books:
1. French, W.L and Bell, Jr C.H. and Vohra V. Organization Development, Pearson
Education, 2006
2. Schien, Organizational Psychology, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2005


Experiments Related to Psychopathology and Mental Hygiene

1. Mental Health Questionnaire
2. Bell’s Adjustment Inventory
3. Beck’s Depression Inventory
4. Maudsley Obsessional Compulsive Inventory
5. Clinical Case Study

Experiments Related to Psycho diagnostics

7. Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory
8. Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms
9. Bender Gestalt Test
10. Wechsler’s Intelligence Scale for Children
11. Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Test Battery

Experiments Related to Psychotherapeutics

12. Cognitive Emotive Regulation Questionnaire
13. Job Anxiety Scale
14. Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation Therapy
15. Assertiveness Questionnaire
16. Irrational Beliefs Test (IBT)

Experiments Related to (Organization Development)OD Interventions
17. Johari Window Exercise
18. Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behaviour (FIRO – B)
19. Team Effectiveness Questionnaire
20. Organizational Role Stress Scale
21. Organizational Culture: OCTAPACE Profile
• This list is suggestive
• A minimum of 10 experiments/exercises must be completed


Maximum Marks: 200 (Project Report 150 + Viva Voce 50)

1. The objective of the Project work/ Clinical Practicum is to further their knowledge
in Psychology and Psycho-diagnostics under the direct supervision of a
Psychologist in Clinical/Organizational setting.

2 A Candidate undertaking Project work/Clinical Practicum should be equipped with
the theoretical knowledge in the discipline and practical skills in Psycho-
diagnostics including administration and interpretation of cognitive and personality
tests involving objective and projective material.

3. During the Project work/Clinical Practicum the candidate may be permitted, under
supervision, to participate in the diagnostic testing and to attend
clinical/organizational conference where n the cases are diagnosed and
treatment/management plan mooted and progress in treatment/training discussed.
The candidate may be guided to pursue ten case studies in detail.

4. Besides, the candidates may be required to collect information regarding the

• The history of the organization, the mission statement of the organization,
personality sketch of the pioneers in the organization, historical development
of the department of Psychology in the organization.
• The demands and expectations of the role of the Psychologist.
• The privileges of the Psychiatrist/Mangers/Psychologists in the hospital and
Personnel in the Hospital.
• The functional domain and demarcations of Psychologist Vs Psychiatrists
• The organizational chart of the Organization and the status of team.
• The test privileges available at the Hospital/Industry. The test approved for
administration in the clinical setting by the team, procedures followed in
administering the tests in diagnosis and management and follow up of the use
of various test, if any.
• The therapeutic privileges available at the Hospital/Industry especially, those
approved by the clinical team to provide psychotherapies/counseling and
group therapies.
• The details about the hospital routines, mainly about the admission
procedures, document maintained, regular clinical/organizational conference,
meetings and the follow-up of the cases in detail.

5. The Project work/Clinical Practicum after the completion of the practice,, the
report should be submitted to the Department of Psychology, Bharathiar
University on or before 30th
April of the year in which the candidates did the
Practicum,. The Report should adequately reflect the exposure to the training
and experience gained by the candidates during the Practicum

Incase a candidate could not submit the report within the date specified he/she
may be granted extension of time for three months at one time for submitting their

6. Guides for the Project work/Clinical Practicum will be allotted as per the
student – preference.

7. Submission: Clinical Practicum report can also be submitted as project
work based on the case analysis results.

8. The Objective of the Project Work is mainly to give an exposure to the students
on Research Methodology and application of Psychological Principles.
The Project work may be a survey (fact findings or exploratory nature).
Construction or Standardization of a test, collection of clinical case studies, a
Problem solving assignment, Verification of existing or established theory and
any other assignment as approved by the respective faculty guide and the HOD.


1. Introduction 30 Marks
2. Methodology 30 Marks
3. Review of Literature 20 Marks
4. Results and Discussions 50 Marks
5. Summary and Conclusion 10 Marks
6. References or Bibliography 10 Marks

Project Report 150 Marks
Viva Voce Examination: 50 Marks
Total 200 Marks

The students can do a Project Work under the guidance of a Faculty.
The students can do the Clinical Practicum in reputed Institutions
under the guidance of a Psychologist


1. Group Dynamics for Social Living
2. Integral Personality Development
3. Consumer Psychology
4. Educational Psychology
5. Applied Statistics and Psychological Test Construction
6. Sports Psychology


Unit I: Orientation, Social Facilitation, Social Loafing and Deindividuation
Orientation: The Nature and Functions of Group- The Nature of Group Dynamics
Social Facilitation: The Presence of others affects- Crowding- The Effects of Social
Social Loafing: Many hands make light work- Everyday life experiences of Social
Deindividuaton : People lose sense of Self in Group- Doing together what one would
not do alone- Diminished self awareness

Unit II: Group Polarization and Group Think
Group Polarization: Group intensifies individual opinion- Risky Shift phenomenon-
Everyday life experiences and group polarization
Group Think: Groups hinder as well as assist group decision- Symptoms of Group
Think- Critiquing Group think- Preventing Group Think- Group Problem Solving

Unit III: Individual Influencing the Group and Leader and Leadership
Individuals Influencing the Group: Consistency and Self-Confidence- Defection from
the majority.
Leader and Leadership: An investigation of Leader Flexibility across Multiple Group
Situations- the Contingency Model: A theory of Leadership Effectiveness- Self
Categorization and Leadership: Effects of Group Prototypically and Leader
Stereotypically- The Romance of Leadership

Unit IV: Prejudice
Prejudice: Disliking others- Nature and Power of Prejudice- Social, Motivational
Cognitive sources of Prejudice- The effects of Prejudice- Discrimination
Aggression: Hurting others- Nature and theories of aggression- Influence of
aggression- Management of Aggression- Intervention for Aggression

Unit V: Prosocial Behaviour
Pro Social Behavior: Helping others- Reasons for helping- Tine for helping- Who
will help? - Steps to increase helping behavior
Conflict and Peace Making: Reasons for conflict- Types of Conflict- Achieving
Reference Books
1. John M.L. & Richard L.M. (2006). Small Groups. New York. Psychology Press.
2. Myers D.G (2006). Social Psychology. New Delhi. Tata Mc- Graw Hill Publishing



Unit I: Consciousness the Reality:
Consciousness the reality. The Manifold Being. The Surface Being and the Inner
Being. Levels of Consciousness: Conscience, Subconscient, Superconscient.
Gradations of higher consciousness.

Unit II: Outer Being and Outer Mind
Outer Being: Outer Mind, Outer Vital Being and Outer Physical Being. Inner Being;
the Subliminal Self. The Psychic Being & psychic entity. Psychical phenomena.

Unit III: Purusha and Prakriti
Purusha and Prakriti: Soul and Nature - The Gunas of Prakriti: The three modes of
Nature - Self, Ego and Individuality - Liberation and transformation. The Psychology
of Faith.

Unit IV: Techniques to Control Disturbance of Mind, Vital and Physical.
Dealing with disturbance of Mind (Anxiety, obsessions and compulsions), disturbance
of Vital (Boredom, Lack of energy, Depression, Anger, Feelings of inferiority,
Sensitiveness) and disturbance of physical consciousness: Will, discipline and
endurance, Faith and suggestion.

UnitV: Techniques for Growth and Mastery
Stepping back - Becoming aware of ‘oneself’ – Self-observation – Visualization –
Mastery through attitude – Identification – Using life as a mirror – Widening of
consciousness – Dynamic meditation – Exercising static power – Awakening inner
consciousness – Drawing upon helpful forces.

Reference Books

1. Dalal, A.S. (1987). Living Within – The yoga approach to psychological health and
growth: Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.Pondicherry: Sri
Aurobindo Ashram.

2. Dalal, A.S. (2001). A Greater Psychology – An introduction to the psychological
thought of Sri Aurobindo. NY: Jeremy P.Tarcher & Putnam.



Unit I: Consumer Behaviour, Motivation and Personality
Consumer Behaviour: Nature and scope of Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Research
and Marketing Segmentation
Consumer Motivation: Motivation as Psychological Force, Types and Theories of
Motivation, Measurement of Motives
Personality and Consumer Behaviour: Theories of Personality, Personality and
Understanding Consumer Diversity, Brand Personality, Self- and Self-Image

Unit II: Perception, Learning and Attitudes
Consumer Perception: Elements of Perception, Dynamics of Perception, Consumer
Consumer Learning: Elements of Consumer Learning, Behavioral Learning Theories,
Cognitive Learning Theory, Measures of Consumer Learning
Consumer Attitude Formation and Change: Meaning of Attitudes, Structural Models
of Attitudes, Attitude Formation, Strategies of Attitude Change

Unit III: Communication Process and Group Influences
Communication and Consumer Behaviour: Components of Communication,
Communication Process, Designing Persuasive Communication, Marketing
Communication and Ethics
Reference Groups and Family Influence: Understanding the Power of Reference
Groups, Consumer Related Reference Groups, Celebrity and other Reference Groups,
Family Concept, Socialization of Family Members, Function of Family, Family Life

Unit IV: Leadership and Diffusion of Innovation Process
Consumer Influence and the Diffusion of Innovations: Opinion Leadership, Opinion
Leadership Process, Measurement of Opinion Leadership, Interpersonal Flow of
Diffusion of Innovation: Diffusion Process, Adoption Process, Profile of Consumer

Unit V: Consumer Decision Making Process:
Decision Making Process, Levels of Consumer Decision Making Process, Models of
Consumers, Four views of Consumer Decision Making, Model of Consumer Decision

1. Schiffman, L.G., Kanuk, LL. Consumer Behaviour, Prentice-Hall of India, Pvt Ltd,
New Delhi, 2007
2. Loudon, D., Consumer Behaviour, Concepts and Applications, Albert Biutta,
McGraw Hill, 2004
3. Kurder, K. Consumer Behaviour, PHI/Pearson, 2002



Exploring Educational Psychology: Historical Background – Teaching: Art and
Science – Effective Teaching: Professional Knowledge and Skills - Goal-Setting
and Instructional Planning Skills – Classroom Management Skills – Motivational
Skills – Communication Skills – Technological Skills.
Research in Educational Psychology: The Scientific Research approach – Research
Methods – Program Evaluation Research,– Research Challenges.

Cognitive Development: Piaget’s Theory: Cognitive Processes – Piagetian Stages –
Evaluating Piaget’s Theory: Contributions and Criticisms.
Vygotsky’s Theory - Assumptions – The Zone of Proximal Development –
Scaffolding – Language and Thought.

Language Development: Language – Morphology – Syntax – Semantics –
Biological and Environmental Influences. Memory: Encoding – Storage – Retrieval
and Forgetting.
Intelligence: Intelligence Tests – Theories of Multiple Intelligence - Information-
Processing Approach – Segler’ View – Metacognition – The Good Information-
Processing Model.

Unit- IV
Learning: Behavioural Approaches to Learning – Classical Conditioning – Operant
Conditioning. Increasing Desirable Behaviours - Decreasing Undesirable Behaviour.
Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory – Observational Learning.
Motivation: Perspectives on Motivation – Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation – Other
Cognitive Process – Anxiety and Achievement – Social Motives.

Hard–to–Reach, Low Achieving Students: Discouraged Students – Uninterested
and Alienated Students – Dealing with Problem Behaviours: Management Strategies –
Dealing with Aggression – Classroom and School-Based Programs.

Children With Disabilities: Sensory Disorders – Physical disorders – Mental
Retardation – Speech and Language Disorders – Learning Disabilities – Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Emotional and Behavioural Disorders.

Reference Books:

1. JOHN W. SANTROCK, (2006) Educational Psychology, 2nd
Edition, New
Delhi, Tata McGraw-Hill.

N. OJA, (1994) Educational Psychology, 6th
Edition, New York, McGraw-Hill.


UNIT 1: Central tendency, Variability, Correlation and Regression
Nature and Scope of Applied Statistics. Basic concepts – Random Samples, Variables
and Constant.
Measures of Central Tendency – Mode, Median, Arithmetic Mean, Effects of Score
Transformation. Variability – Range, Semi-Interquartile Range, Variance and
Standard Deviation. Score Transformation and Effects of Variability. Comparing
means of two distributions.
Correlational Analysis – Matter of Direction, Matter of Degree. Meaning of
Correlation. Methods.
UNIT 2: Student t Test, ANOVA (one way, two-way), Non-parametric statistics
One tail test, two tail test. Student ‘t’ – Application and Purpose, Assumptions,
Calculation, Interpretation. Large sample t test. Test of Significance of difference in
proportions. ANOVA – Application and Purpose, Assumptions, Calculation of One-
way ANOVA and Two-way ANOVA. Interpreting interaction in Two-way ANOVA.
Honestly Significant Difference.
Non-parametric tests – Assumptions. Chi-Square. Mann Whitney U Test. Kruskal-
Wallis one-way analysis of variance by ranks. Wilcoxon test
Comparison of Parametric and Non-parametric tests.
UNIT 3: Test Construction (Introduction, Item Writing and Item Analysis)
Test Construction: Meaning of Test in Psychology. Classification of Test.
Characteristics of a Good Test. General Steps in Test Construction.
Item Writing: Meaning and Types of Items. Essay type and Objective type tests.
General guidelines for Item Writing. General Method for scoring Objective Tests.
Meaning and Purpose. Power Tests. Item Difficulty. Optimal Difficulty Value for a
Reliable Test. Index of Discrimination. Item Response Theory. Distractor Analysis.
Speed Tests. Factors affecting the Index of Difficulty and the Index of Discrimination.
Power of Item Analysis. The Item Characteristics Curve.
UNIT 4: Reliability and Validity
Reliability – Meaning. Methods. Satisfactory size for reliability. Standard Error of
Measurement. Factors influencing Reliability of Test Scores. Improving reliability of
test scores. Estimation of True Scores. Index of reliability.
Validity- Meaning. Types. Convergent Validation and Divergent Validation.
Statistical Methods for calculating validity. Factors influencing validity. Relation
between reliability and validity.
UNIT 5: Norms and Test Scales, and Response Set in Test Scores
Norms and Test Scales – Meaning of Norm-Referencing and Criterion-Referencing.
Steps in Developing Norms. Types of Norms and Test Scales – Age Equivalent
Norms, Grade – Equivalent Norms, Percentile Norms, Standard Score Norms.
Response Set – Meaning. Types of Response Set. Implications of Response Set.
Methods to eliminate Response Sets.
Singh, A.K. (1997). Tests, Measurements and Research Methods in Behavioral
Sciences. Patna: Bharati Bhawan.
Minium, E.W., King, B.M. & Bear, G. (1993). Statistical Reasoning in Psychology
and Education. (3rd
Edn). Singapore: John Wiley & Sons.
Anastasi, A. & Urbina, S. (2003). Psychological Testing. (7th
Edn). New Delhi:
Prentice Hall of India.



Unit I: The mental side of sport
Introduction to sport psychology - Factors influencing the mental demands of a
given sport - Sport and exercise psychology as an academic discipline - History
of sport and exercise psychology
Research methods in sport and exercise psychology
What do sport psychologist do?

Unit II: Exploring Athletic behavior- Key concepts
Motivation and Goal setting in Sport - Feedback and Reinforcement – Self-
Confidence - Anxiety in Sport performance - Concentration in sport
performance – Personality Traits for sports – Concentration – Arousal, Stress
and anxiety – Arousal regulation

Unit III: Cognitive Psychology and Sport
Cognitive style and Sport - Attention style and performance -
Imagery and sport performance - Attribution of self and Others – Application
of Thinking and Feelings in Sports

Unit IV: Sport in Context: The Social Psychology of Sport
Social Facilitation - Social Loafing -Team Dynamics and Development -
Causal attribution in Sport - Violence and Aggression in Sport – Exercise
and Psychological well being – Exercise Adherence – Peak Performance –
Competition and Cooperation – Youth Sport – Aggression, injury & addictive

Unit V: Applying Sport Psychological Phenomena
Mental skills Training: Self talk, Mental Imagery - Relaxation Training:
Calming the Physiology - Performance inhibition due to personality factors -
Burn out and Injuries – Group and team dynamics – Group cohesion –
Leadership – Communication

Weinberg, R. S. & Gould, D. (2007). Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology
edition). Champaign, IL: Humans Kinetics.
Murphy, S. (1999). The Cheers and the Tears: A Healthy Alternative to the Dark Side
of Youth Sports Today. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.
Aidan P Moran (2004). Sport and Exercise Psychology , a critical Introduction.
Routledge, New York.
John Kremer and Deirdre Scully (2001). Psychology in Sport. Taylor and Francis
Robert Weinberg and Daniel Gould(2006). Foundation of Sport and Exercise
psychology(4theds,). Human Kinetics publishers.

********************************** M.Sc Applied Psychology


1. Probabilstic Orientation and Modern Life
2. Transactional Analysis
3. Introduction to Psychology


Maximum Marks: 50 (External 38 + Internal 12)

The objective of the course is to provide an introduction to philosophical approaches
to ordering one’s life. The course attempts to introduce to the student a sample of
collection of works starting from Vedas and Upanishads to the writing of Mahatma
Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

The current course of Indian Philosophy- Eighteen Significant theses
Characterizing Indian Philosophy
Ancient Vedantism – Basic tenets- Vedic Hymns
Upanishads- Kena Upanishads- Katha Upanishads – Chandogya Upanishads-
Brihadarnyaka Upanishad
Buddhism- Serman of Buddha- Dhammapada- Later Discourses
Jainism- Discourse of performed Precepts- Higher Meditation- Later
Discourses : The Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy- Nyaya Sutra- Vaishesika
Sutras- Sankhya Sutras- Yoga Sutras by Patanjali- Mimamsa Sutras- Brahma
Sutras and Moinistic & Pluralistic Brahma Meditation and Reasoning
1. Law of Manu – Maxims by Thriuvalluvar- Tantra
2. Ramakrishna- Vivekananda- Sri Aurobindo- J. Krishnamurthi
3. Rabindranath Tagore- Mahatma Gandhi- Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
4. Hedonism by Madhva- Bahavad Gita- Probabilistic Orientation

Reference Books:

1. DALAL.A.S. (1994). Living within. Pondicherry, Sri Arubindo Ashram Press.


Maximum Marks: 50 (External 38 + Internal 12)

INTRODUCTION - What is Transactional Analysis- Analysis of Ego states- What
makes Transactional Analysis to be T.A.?

TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS PROPER – The Analysis of Transactions- The
Analysis of Strokes- The Contents of Communication.

GAMES ANALYSIS- Games that are played

SCRIPT ANALYSIS - Life Management and History of the Person

THE ANALYSIS OF RELATIONSHIPS - Person to person- Analysis of
Organizations- Person to Person In-Group.

Referenced Books

1. ERIC BERN (1961). Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy, New York:
2. IAN STEWART (1989. Transactional Analysis Counselling in Action , New
Delhi: Sage.
3. GOULDING , R AND M.GOULDING (1975). The Power is in the Patient ,
San Francisco : TA Publication
4. SCHIFF, J 1987). TA Today: A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis
, Nottingham: Life Space.
5. THOMAS, A HARRIS (1967). I’M O.K.- YOU ‘ RE O.K.., New York: Harper and




Maximum Marks: 50 (External 38 + Internal 12)

INTRODUCTION: The Nature and scope of Psychology- Consciousness and
Behavior- Methods and Fields

The role of sensory processes and Human Behavior

out the World- Division of Attention- Perception: Visual, form and Movement-
Learning Principles- Memory and Forgetting.

INTELLIGENCE AND CREATIVITY: Intelligence- IQ- Measuring Intelligence-
Mental Retardation- Gifted- Creativity- Problem Solving

PERSONALITY AND MOTIVATION: Theories of Personality- Assessment and
its Development- Human Motivation- Needs- Understanding Emotions

Reference Books

1. KUTHAR. TARA. L (2003). Psychology. Major’s Hand Book New York.
Wordsworth Publications
2. MORGAN C.T. , KING.R.A WEISY J.R. AND SCOOPER.J. (1993). Introduction
to Psychology, 7th
Edition, New York, Tata Mc Graw Hill.

3. ROBERT.S FELDMAN (1994). Essentials of Understanding Psychology, 2nd

Edition. New York. Mc Graw Hill Inc.


1. Fluctuation of Attention
2. Experiments on Perception
3. Experiments on Learning
4. Measuring Intelligence
5. Assessment of Creativity
6. Personality Tests
7. Motivation Experiments
8. Mental Health




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